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Maritime Museum

Worth Seeing

If you are already shopping in Nordby and are not down by the beach, where the Kite Fliers are, then you should surely go and see the Maritime- and Costum collection of Fanø.

At the beginning of the 20century, Fanø had the second largest fleet of sail boats in all of Denmark. Those were hard times for families, because the men were often on their ships for years at a time.
The women had to take care of raising the children, the farming and the every day chores. The maritime collection shows the many ship models and types, which Fanø used to have.
The life of sailors is very well documented. Photos shown here, give a good impression of how life was in those days. On board and off.


Hovedgaden 28 Nordby

Office hours:

Monday - Suterday :
01.10 - 30.11.
01.02 - 30.4.
11.00 Uhr - 13.00 Uhr
( Sunday closed )

Monday - Suterday:
01.05 - 30.09.
11.00 - 16.00.
( Sunday closed )

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