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Worth Seeing


A trip to Esbjerg is always an adventure

-before or after the Kite Fliers Meeting on Fanø-
Esbjerg is Denmark's fifth largest city and one of the youngest too. Only after South Jütland had been taken over by Prussia in 1868, Esbjerg was founded and built down by the States harbour.
Today Esbjerg has the largest fishery and oil harbour in the kingdom of Denmark, but since then has long changed from an Industrial city to a city with cultural ambition.
The Fishery and Maritme Museum is a must for all the kite fliers and their famelies, because they are especially popular with the kids.
Not because of their historic documentation of the fishery and the shipping in the region, but because the little ones are usually fascinated by the large sea water aquarium. They can watch sea lions swim under water and twice a day the animals are fed, which is a lot of fun to watch for children and grownups too!

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