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Worth Seeing

Beneath the Kites - on Fanø

Say, do you know Fanø? Stop, before you protest. I mean the Fanø beneath the skies, the Fanø we as kite fliers often don't really notice.
So please, look beneath the horizon and take a closer look at that breathtaking piece of land.
That is Fanø!
You are looking at the Island the size of 56 m, inhabitant by approx. 3200 "Fanniker".

Fanø is dominated by beautiful dunes, which were created throughout many Millenniums.
People have lived here already since the 12century and in the year 1741 they bought th land from the Crown and managed and worked it themselves. They worked the fishery business well and became quite wealthy.
In the 19century Sønderho was the home of the largest shipping fleet in all of Denmark. Proof of this can be seen and admired at the museum or the Costume Museum in Nordby. The Art was also present at all times.

The Aart Museum has rich variety of paintings from around the change of the centuries, when Fanø was still an art colony.
Concerts take place in the churches of Nordby and Sønderho.
The landscape of this Island is unique and within half an hour walking you can hike from the rough dunes to the juicy marshlands or the mud-flats.
We are usually at the large beach, which the North Sea has formed on the West coast of the Island, but it's worth exploring the "other" Fanøe, the Fanø that exists beneath the Kites!

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