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15. - 18. June 2017

Press release 14. februar 2017

Japanese kite builders visit Fanø                         http://www.japankites.dk

The 2017 kitefliers meeting on Fanø will be something special. This year, 24 of the world's most famous kite builders unfold the Japanese traditions in this area.

Fanø is known worldwide as one of the very best places to fly a kite. This is due to the wide beaches and the island's location in the Wadden Sea, providing optimal wind conditions. Up to 5,000 people participates every year in Fanø International Kite Fliers Meeting, which in itself is pretty spectacular, as only live about 2,700 people on Fanø.

In fact, the kite festival on Fanoe is Europe's largest of its kind and sets thus for awhile island at the other end. This is even more the case this year, when 24 Japanese kite builders visits Fanø.

"Just to see thousands of kites in the air at the same time is a very special sight. Now there will be added a number of Japanese kite flyers, and there will be guides to give spectators an insight into a world that many do not know about. The Japanese kites often depicting ancient legends and characters are themselves small works of art with an incredible level of detail, so there is no doubt that the kite festival this year will be something special, "says Poul Therkelsen, tourism manager at Fanø.

He stresses that the Japanese kite builders are all well known in the kite community, and expects why Fanoe Kite Festival this time get to enjoy even more attention from kite fliers. Poul Therkelsen Also expect that the Japanese delegation will attract even more tourists and spectators to Fanø in June when the kite festival takes place.

The background for the 24 Japanese kite fliers participation in the kite meeting on Fanø is that Japan and Denmark in 2017 marks the 150th anniversary of the two countries' diplomatic relations. Japan has a several thousand year old tradition of building and flying kites, and there are a variety of different types of kites, which are often unique to a particular area or a particular region.

The kite meeting originated as a spontaneous idea, when a German kite enthusiast in 1985 went to Fanø along with some friends to fly kites. Since then the festival has evolved into its present level, where up to 5,000 kite fliers every year take part in the festivities. The meeting this year includes a number of different of kite flying on the beach, workshops, where kite fliers and spectators will see the Japanese kite builders in action, workshops for children, exhibitions. Last but not least, the social aspect of thousands of kite fliers meeting on the beach will also be in focus in 2017.

Fanø International Kite Fliers Meeting takes place from Friday 16 June to Sunday, June 18, but extends in fact over 14 days, as many of the participants arrive to Fanø a week earlier or become a week after the festival. There will be many thousands of kites in the air for 14 days.

Caption: Fano International Kite Fliers Meeting is Europe's biggest and attracts up to 5,000 participants. This year, the festival also attended by 24 Japanese kite builders. Photos: Visit Fanø.

For further information contact Tourist Manager Poul Therkelsen at Fanø Tourist Office on 40 42 46 80 or pt@visitfanoe.dk

Welcome to the homepage of the Fanø Information

Over the years the familiar and social meeting is a fixed date in the calendar of the kite fliers. Thousands of kites fill the air and in good weather it could happen, that the beach of Fanø gets " crowded ". But not really, because sandbanks in the north and in the south still have plenty of room.
We also like to thank all the resident of the island, who put up with this run of people once a year, because life on the island usually is quite peacefull and relaxed.
We can't say the same about our traditional auction of kites and kite items in favor of the "Kinderhilfe Kolumbien e.V." Our auctioneer Alfons from Berlin, garantys an evening filled with humour and actions that usually lasts until the early morning hours.
Fanø`s nature and culture make for a memorable holiday for the whole family. Its summer with beach life and nights were the sun never seems to go down are of course very atractive, but also the fall with it's golden colors, the winter storms and mild springtime with bird migrations are a good reason for holiday adventures.
The flat beaches of Fanø are also exelent for finding amber. There are also a lot of activities offered to adults and children, for example : music festivals, nature mudflat walks, golfing or a meeting of the kite fliers, from which we like to tell you about on these pages.

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